Treating relapsed myeloma

Myeloma that comes back after treatment is called relapsed myeloma. Treatment can usually be given again to control the myeloma and any symptoms.

Most people have a good response to their first treatment. But after a time myeloma usually comes back. This is called relapsed myeloma. For some people this may be many years later.

You can still usually have other treatments. This can often keep you well for long periods of time. Your doctor and nurse will talk to you about the different treatment options.

It may be possible to repeat the treatment you first had. This will depend on what the treatment was and how long your remission lasted. Or you may be offered a different treatment.

Targeted treatments that may be used are:

Or if you have a further relapse:

You may be offered a different treatment in a clinical trial.

Some people may have a second stem cell transplant.

You will also have treatments to control bone problems or other symptoms you may have.