Signs and symptoms of kidney cancer

Kidney cancers do not always cause symptoms. Blood in the urine is the most common symptom.

Small kidney cancers do not usually cause symptoms. They are often diagnosed by chance. For example, when people are having tests or scans for some other reason.

When kidney cancer does cause symptoms these may include:

  • blood in your urine (this is the most common symptom)
  • a dull pain in your side between your upper abdomen and back
  • a high temperature, night sweats and feeling very tired
  • losing weight for no obvious reason
  • a lump in the tummy area, side or back.

Most people with these symptoms will not have kidney cancer. They can be caused by more common conditions. But, if you have any symptoms, it is important to get them checked by your doctor.

We understand that showing any symptoms of what could be cancer is worrying. The most important thing is to speak to your GP as soon as possible. We're also here if you need someone to talk to. You can: