Macmillan Online community

Macmillan Online Community is a free online place for people living with or who are affected by cancer to chat about the issues affecting them.

What is the Macmillan Online Community?

The Macmillan Online Community is a free online place for people who are living with or who are affected by cancer to chat about the issues affecting them.

Whether you are having tests, have just been diagnosed, or you are in treatment — or you’re supporting someone who is — the Online Community is the place to talk to people who have similar experiences to yours.

Why join the Macmillan Online Community?

  • Connect with people who are going through treatment, and who can give tips on everyday issues, or getting emotional support.
  • Get advice and tips from health professionals, trained volunteers, and Macmillan staff who are also active in the community.
  • Chat anonymously — we want the Online Community to be the space for you to talk about what’s on your mind. We encourage you to keep your identity protected, and to protect the identity of those around you.

In this video: Eric's experience of joining the Macmillan Online Community.

Exploring the Macmillan Online Community

  • Find forums about different cancer types, and chat to people who have had the same type of cancer as you.
  • Join conversations about the experience of having cancer - everything from managing money, your rights at work and coping with treatment through to everyday issues about living with cancer.
  • Experts in the Macmillan Online Community can answer any questions you might have about living with cancer through our Ask an Expert service. 

"I really didn't understand before how warm and embracing a virtual hug can be. I came across the Macmillan Online Community and there I discovered women who could tell me what had happened to them, but my life didn't need to be completely out of control." Daloni, diagnosed with womb cancer in 2014.