Other resources and formats

We produce information in different languages and formats to suit different needs; PDFs, ebooks, audio, easy reading and British Sign Language.


We produce our information in different languages and formats to suit different needs.

At the moment we are moving all our videos, ebooks, booklets and audio from our old website to this new site - we will finish this by June 2020.

All of our resources and information will be available online through the transition period, please follow the guidance below to find content in alternative formats during the transition.



PDFs and Ebooks

Macmillan produces a comprehensive range of printed books and booklets about all aspects of living with cancer.

As we are currently migrating all of these into our new site not all of them are live here yet. However there is a full, searchable, listing on be.macmillan.org.uk. You can view these online or download as you need them.

Easy reads

We have a range of easy read booklets. These use simple language and pictures. They can be useful for anyone who finds it hard to read. 

Please visit be.macmillan.org.uk to see a complete listing of our Easy read titles.


Macmillan produces audio versions of over 50 of its most needed booklets.

We are currently migrating these into our website but you can listen to all of them as MP3 audio books on our Soundcloud channel.

Information in other languages

Macmillan produces a range of information in languages other than English. We also offer an interpreter service for our Macmillan Support Line.

British Sign Language (BSL)

We produce a broad range of videos with British Sign Language (BSL) content.

We are currently migrating these to our new website. In the meantime you can see them all on Youtube.

All of our videos have subtitles available as an option.


Email cancerinformationteam@macmillan.org.uk if you need our cancer information in Braille.